Honey bee or pollinator - which one shall I bee

Andy and I recently attended the Oregon State Beekeepers Association (OSBA) annual conference. This is one of the best bee conferences around here, heck around anywhere! We love Seaside OR, the site for this and the last few conferences. Next year the conference will be held inland at the Oregon Garden in Silverton November 5-7, 2015.

There were several interesting conversations at the convention, one in particular suggested that commercial bees maybe headed the same direction as large scale cattle and chicken raising. Specifically that it in the future bees are either bred to make honey or to pollinate. That beekeeping methods cannot sustain both. We keep bees strictly for honey production, and I have to admit, if we were trying to polliinate almonds in California we would have to keep bees much differently. The difference is not one we can live with so I guess we'll stick to making honey. The lesson we learned is that we MUST get off the California package train that rolls through here every April. We must replenish lost hives with home grown stock, bees that favor living to make honey and not ones taken to long distance travel.

This is my first blog post and I hope to put some thoughts down each week, a tidbit about bees or honey or such.

Thanks for paying attention ;)

Bonnie (the Queen Bee at Cays Paw Bees)

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