Spring in January?

So what's up? It's January, OK almost February, but still ... Spring??? Our bees are brooding up and some hives are what the industry calls 8 frames or better. Meaning, we could pollinate almonds in Central California for top dollar because our bees are covering 8 out of 10 frames in the hive. This means the queens are out of winter mode and have starting laying fresh eggs. This means the winter bees (who did not raise bees from egg to larvae) now have to muster the strength (late in life) to raise the first round of bee brood AFTER living though winter. Will a late freeze hammer the hive? Will they have enough food to sustain them? Is the environment providing a floral source rich in nectar this early?

Our environment is changing, whether we acknowledge it or not, the seasons mean something different each year and we must read nature as it presents itself and NOT rely on a calendar to tell us when to feed, when to add boxes, or when to crack the lid of our hives and inspect for eggs.

It's a brave new world and we must seize the moment and recognize the signs. Let nature be your guide, let your heart guide you.

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